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Massimo Busacca Referee FIFA Russia 2018

Massimo Busacca

The integrity, coherence and systematicity in general and especially during the World Cup 2018 along with lots of other exciting topics were presented by FIFA Director of Refereeing Massimo Busacca to representatives from 32 countries at the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia™ Team Workshop.
At the Workshop the Director explained and clarified a set of disciplinal decisions along with possible cases that may arise during matches.
Busacca confirmed that he himself began preparations for the competition right after the final between Germany and Argentina was finished in 2014. He believes that It’s the referee’s job to qualify themselves properly for a competition of such scale and that they should try their best in doing so. The Director said that understanding diverse football mindsets is one of the most crucial thing for the umpire. He also mentioned the importance of showing respect to all the referees’ decisions and prevention from any non-sporting actions like fans’ fighting. Busacca announced that there are some aspects of refereeing that should be enhanced, namely, reading the game and the tactics and he confirmed FIFA is striving to achieve that.
That explains the reason why the gathering was ended with an extended discussion of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) usage. The technology is an effective tool for the umpire to diminish possible mistakes and there has been a great progression in employing such a technology. The thing is VAR was initially created to get a maximum profit out of a minimum interference, not affecting the game (or at least to eliminate that as much as possible). Nevertheless, the fact remains clear that it is the referee who is to make the first and the last decision.


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