Samuel Eto’o Demolishes Rumours about Russia

Samuel Eto’o Demolishes Rumours about Russia


Samuel Eto'o at a Charity Match in Moscow

Samuel Eto’o at a Charity Match in Moscow


A charity match took place in Moscow, which was attended by Samuel Eto’o, the famous Cameroonian footballer. When foreign journalists asked him about the “problems” of Russia on the eve of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, he gave an emotional speech.

The event on Krasnaya Presnya was organized by UNAIDS – Joint United Nations Program on HIV. Officially this was called a “Goodwill Match to End the AIDS Epidemic and Against Discrimination”.

‘You are in one of the most beautiful countries in the world,’ said Eto’o, when a French reporter tranquilly asked him about the “problems” Russia might face just before the 2018 FIFA World Cup. ‘I do want to present this country to other people who were not here in a different way. I’m happy when I am here, in Russia, it’s safer here than in any country in Europe. There are some people there saying they live very well, but that’s not exactly true! I do not understand all the prejudices that’s been made up about Russia. It seems to me that it is here that we will have one of the best world championships in its history.’

‘Have you ever complained about something in Russia? For example, racism?’

‘Never. Even the fans of other teams stayed chanting my name when I was playing. They respected me. When I moved to “Anzhi”, everyone asked me, ‘And how do you live in this racists’ country?’ I have lived for many years in Europe and if I would say I encountered racism at all, then it was there, but as for Russia – never. I lived near Moscow City, freely went out into the street, walked, and nothing happened to me at all.’


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