The Stalin’s Bunker in Samara

Stalin’s bunker – a classified refuge for the commander-in-chief.

It was far 1941, when The Second World War and then, the Great Patriotic War began. No one denied the probability of conquering Moscow by Nazis, and a strong decision was made by Soviet authorities to construct bunkers in some cities of strategic importance. Samara was in that list (former Kuibyshev). So a few months later, in February 1942 construction works on a special bomb shelter for Stalin began and it all ended in less than 9 months, not stopping even for a second.

The Stalin's Bunker in Samara - The meeting Room

The Stalin’s Bunker in Samara – The meeting Room

Stalin’s bunker is the most impressing of all newly declassified underground shelters. Its depth is 37 meters, that is, as 12-floored building in height. It was such a unique construction, especially having taken into consideration such a tough time schedule. There is a conference room for 115 people on the lowest floor. Next to the room – a rest room designed especially for Iosif Vissarionovich. The building has premises for protection, technical support services, warehouses on the upper floors, several lifts.

The interior of the Stalin's Bunker in Samara

The interior of the Stalin’s Bunker in Samara

The bunker had an independent air regeneration system and the power plant of its own. All these are still in a perfect condition. The construction still retains its tightness and can offer complete autonomy for up to five days. The whole bunker could and can easily stand up to the direct blow of the largest aerial bomb of that time – there is a cement layer of three meters in thickness above the whole building, a transitional sand layer and another one meter cement “mattress”.

The inside of the Stalin's bunker in Samara

The atmosphere of the Stalin’s bunker in Samara

The object was unsealed only in 1991, was made open to public and now it has become a must-visit in the list of Samara’s sights.

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