The Samara Embankment

Samara has the longest waterfront in whole Russia. The embankment stretches out for more than 5 km along the Volga River and is divided into four main parts: first, second, third and fourth. Funny to mention, but when the city was planned, the embankment was intended only for river port services, various barns, markets and warehouses, and there was no talk of some kind of beauty and the promenade zone. It was only in 1935 that there was a strong decision to improve the embankment.

The Samara Embankment in summer - The Rowing Boat Monument

The Samara Embankment – The fourth part – The Rowing Boat Monument

The monument to Zasekin (second part of the embankment) is built to pay tribute to the founder and the first governor of Samara (as well as Saratov and Volgograd) Prince Grigory Zasekin. There is a street in Samara named after him. The creation of the “Sail” fountain (third part of the embankment) was timed to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the city establishment. One of the features of this fountain is the number of jets it consists of – 620. It is believed that all these 620 pieces embody the number of cabin boys who left Samara the years of Great Patriotic War to be killed in the name of their Homeland. This fountain is the emblem of Samara and one of the symbols of the city. Another monument marking 170th anniversary of the birth of the great Russian artist Ilya Repin – a monument to barge haulers on the Volga river that was opened on the Samara Embankment in 2014. Its 3D structure gives a unique opportunity to explore the famous characters and details of the picture from inside. And so-called “picture” has a real landscape background – Volga river. The monument is located in Samara not by chance, for Repin was painting his most famous works here, in Shiryaevo village. Between Nekrasovskaya Street and Leningradskaya Street (third part of the embankment) a monument to comrade Sukhov was installed, featuring the main character of the film “The White Sun of the Desert”, Red Army soldier Fyodor Ivanovich Sukhov.

The Samara Embankment at Night - the Second Part

The Samara Embankment at Night – the Second Part

The beaches, especially of the second part of the embankment, are well equipped for beach volleyball, beach football, fitness activities. There are lots of playgrounds. The pure waters of Volga and thick layer of mild sand leave you nothing but to enjoy being there.

Nowadays, the Samara Embankment is the most famous part of the city, making all its visitors eager to explore its picturesque views. It is just impossible to think of Samara without the embankment taken into consideration. Its wonderful beaches are difficult to describe in several words, if one need to find out what that all is about, one should simply go there. Experience the harmony and majesty of Volga river, all these colourful and odorous alleys and the very atmosphere, both relaxing and vibrant, of this lovely place in the heart of Samara.

The Samara Embankment in Winter - the Rink

The Samara Embankment in Winter – the Rink

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