St. Petersburg


Unforgettable Drawbridge in St. Petersburg

Unforgettable Drawbridge Service in St. Petersburg


It is impossible not to surrender to the spells of this city. Its charming atmosphere both of light melancholy and romantic reflections arises from nowhere and accompanies you. As you are looking at all these old bridges being raised at lovely white nights, the unbelievably exquisitely decorated buildings making perfect architectural ensembles with each other, the channels of Neva, reflecting the lights of antique street lamp. Almost every tiny particle of St. Peterburg is full of aristocraticism and exclusiveness. Having been established by Peter the Great in 1712 as a “Window to Europe” to develop commercial, economic and cultural relations with European counrties, the city has become and remain Russia’s cultural capital. Some compare St. Peterburg with Venice (in favour of either), but the city is unique and authentic. The Winter Palace, St.Isaac’s Cathedral, the Kunstkamera, the Admiralty, Russian Museum (the largest museum of Russian art) are just the first several top attractions of the city that come into one’s mind. If you tasted Peterburg once, you won’t stop. For sure.



Interesting facts:

  • St.Peterburg – the most northern city in the world among cities with a population over million people
  • The third most populated city in Europe (with a population of 5,356,800 people) and the most populated city in Europe among cities not being capitals
  • During the time of white nights (the end of May – the middle of July) the duration of day time is close to 19 hours
  • For more than 200 years St.Peterburg was the capital of Russian Empire (1713 – 1728, 1732 – 1918)
  • There are more than 200 museums and its branch offices
  • The Hermitage has around 3,000,000 masterpieces of world culture heritage
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