Visa-free Entry to Russia all the Rest of 2018!

Visa-free entry to Russia till the end of the year

Visa-free entry to Russia till the end of the year as the President has announced

Citizens of foreign countries who have their Fan-IDs for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia will be able to visit the Russian Federation without visas till the end of this year. This was announced by Russian President Vladimir Putin after the final game between France and Croatia on 15 July.

“I think we will do the following: for foreign fans who currently have their fans passports, we will make visa-free entries for the Russian Federation until the end of this year,” the President said. “Multiple, I repeat, visa-free regime. I hope that many fans will grab this opportunity and come to Russia more than once with friends and family members.

It worthwhile noticing that earlier that was arranged that a visa-free entry to Russia by Fan-ID should have been stopped on the day of the last match – 15 July, and its owners-foreigners should have left the country no later than 25 July.

Before such a remarkable announcement Russian President proposed to introduce a special visa regime for fans who would like to come back to experience more of Russia. “We know that foreign guests and fans would like to return to us again, bring their families, their friends, and we will think over the most comfortable visa regime, we will provide them with the opportunity to continue getting to know Russia, especially since the potential of this acquaintance is inexhaustible,” the President said.

Mundial has been started today!

Colombian fans in Nikolskaya Street of Moscow

Colombian fans in Moscow on the day of the Opening Ceremony of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


Crowds of fans flooded the streets of Moscow in an anticipation of the Opening Ceremony of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

There are lots of guests from Colombia, Argentina, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Iran, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, France… All the world has gathered in Nikolskaya Street, which is the nearest to the Red Square, in the capital of Russia. Our Colombian guests have ravished Moscow with their unbelievable costumes and masks, fans from Mexico performed an improvised concert, having lots of amazed people all around them watch them with delight and take photos and make awesome videos. The most numerous delegation has been from Argentina – its fans have been singing various songs in elation in the very heart of Moscow.


Argentine fans in Nikolskaya Street of Moscow

Argentine fans in Moscow on the day of the Opening Ceremony of 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


Dozens of flags representing countries that participate in this historical event are being demonstrated on historical buildings of Moscow. This is a true festive of genuine football and genuine global friendship, let’s get it started!!

The Opening Ceremony will be held on 14 June at 5:30 pm (Moscow time) with Robbie Willams and Aida Garifullina singing together before the first match begin – Russia VS Saudi Arabia at 6:00 pm at Luzhniki Stadium.

Moscow – Russia – 2018 FIFA World Cup!!!

Messi’s Striking Shyness about His Team

Messi's Shyness about Argentina

Messi’s Shyness about Argentina


The striker of Barcelona and of Argentine National Team Lionel Messi shared his expectations on Argentina’s performance in Russia shortly before the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia is to begin as it has been reported by TeleSur.
‘People should understand that our team is not coming to Russia as unquestionable winner, nevertheless we have a number of very good players. I believe in my team. Lots of our players are very experienced and talented. But we have no right to regard ourselves as unbeatable, as it is not true,’ the striker said to the Argentine Television Channel 13.

In the group stage of the Mundial, Argentina will face Croatia along with Nigeria and Iceland.

‘Quite a lot of teams that are better than us should be Brazil, Germany or Spain,’ – summed up the famous Argentinian.

Russian Girls Will Be Serving Balls at the Opening Match

Russian Girls Will Be Serving Balls at the Opening Match

Russian Girls Will Be Serving Balls at the Opening Match


For the first time ever, a team of girls will be serving balls for the opening match of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.
Nationwide competition from the Coca-Cola for taking the important part at the opening match, which will be held at the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow on 14 June (Russia vs Saudi Arabia), was carried out and the girls’ football team called ‘Youth’ from Agryz has won it.
As it is noted that 13-16 years old players took part in the competition. They were supposed to make a repost via the social network, adding to it the story telling what football is for them and their team. Only ten best posts were selected by the jury. The winning team, which will be working at the opening match of the 2018 World Cup, was chosen by the players of the Russian National Team.
‘When our trainer announced our victory our eyes were full of tears and we were more than just happy,’ said the player of ‘Youth’ Elizaveta Merzlyakova.

The rest matches will be served by the players of different group (14-17 years old), former winners of previous tournaments.

Argentinean Manual on Seducing Russian Girls

Argentinean Manual on Seducing Russian Girls

Argentinean Manual on Seducing Russian Girls


The Argentine Football Federation published a statement on the ‘Russian Language and Russian Culture’ manual, which included tips on seducing Russian girls.

A list of eight items became part of the guide issued by the School of the Argentine Football Association (AFA) for professionals who will go to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. Among other things highlighted in the manual, it was said that women in Russia prefer ‘clean, well-dressed and pleasantly smelling men,’ but ‘do not like to be looked upon as a thing.’

The organization announced that all the guides will be withdrawn, and apologized for all this mess. ‘ The internal investigation have been carried out and the Department of Education of the Argentine Football Federation informs that this part of the material was printed by mistake,’ the statement said. ‘Because of the unintentional mistake made by the assistants, the text was printed in the manual, was not meant to be a part of the material. We proceeded to immediately withdraw all the manuals. We also regret that this mistake eclipsed the importance of the educational activities of the Federation and we sincerely apologize to those who felt insulted.’

All the materials should have been given to coaches, players and journalists who will go to the 2018 World Cup.

Pele: I would ask God for Russia and Brazil to be in the finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


Pele in the documentary 'Mundial Rusia 2018'

Pele in the documentary ‘Mundial Rusia 2018’


Legendary Brazilian football player Pele shared his expectations about the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, which is to be held this summer in Russia.

‘Spain has a very good team, but now it is quite difficult to give predictions, because the difference between teams is not so great. Undoubtedly, we should respect the Russian team, which always shows good football and will perform at home tournament.

Italy has surprised us a lot, failing to qualify for the tournament. This team had been constantly getting to the finals, and not being a rival of the Italians in the finals or semi-finals is good news for any team. As for Brazil, I think that we have a team that is able to reach the decisive match.

It is very difficult to say who will get into the finals and who will win the world championship, but I would ask God to have Russia and Brazil there and that the Brazilians will become world champions.

As for the best player in the tournament, obviously, I should choose a Brazilian, since our team will win. For today, the most obvious candidate is Neimar,’ said Pele in the documentary named ‘Mundial Rusia 2018’

Spin the pedals! Get to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia in 50 days

Cycling to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Cycling to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


More than a half a million of foreign tourists are expected to come to Russia during the upcoming 2018 World Cup Russia. But not all football fans decided to go to the world championship using conventional means of transportation. Travel to the host country of the 2018 World Cup Russia can be no less exciting than the matches of the tournament.

A resident of Saudi Arabia, Mihled bin Khalid al-Otaibi, began his 50-day journey at the city of Tabuk, which locates in the north-west of the Kingdom.

According to the plan of the traveller, his route will go through the territories of Jordan, Egypt and Turkey. By the start of the World Cup, Khalid al-Otaibi intends to have reached for Moscow.

The courageous man said to the reporters that on a trip he took with him the flag of Saudi Arabia and photographs of the Guardian of the two Noble Relics – King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud.

In order to finish his journey by the opening match of the World Cup, in which on 14 June the Saudi Arabian team will play against the Russian team, Khalid al-Otaibi will have to overcome more than 4 thousand kilometres.

Infantino Announced that Russia is Ready for the ‘Unforgettable Football Festival’

Infantino and Putin discussing final preparations for the World Cup

Infantino and Putin discussing final preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


Russia is fully ready for the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. This fact was stated by the head of the International Football Federation (FIFA) Gianni Infantino, reports RIA Novosti.

Infantino said during the meeting in the context of final preparations for the upcoming World Cup that Russia is completely ready to host the whole world and to spend an unforgettable football festival this summer.

‘We have a team, like in football. We work together and we will win. You can count on me, at FIFA, and together we will make this championship the best in its history,’ he promised.

Earlier, Infantino and Russian President Vladimir Putin received fan passports of the 2018 World Cup in Sochi on 3 May. According to the Russian Minister of Communications Nikolai Nikiforov, about 600,000 FAN IDs have been already issued.

Free Buses at 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Free Buses at 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Free Buses at 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia


As it was announced, Russia has become the first country – FIFA World Cup organizer that launches the free transportation scheme for all the tickets holders.

That is, if you have your fan passport number (FAN ID) or an application number for it, then you have the right to travel absolutely for free for the desired match.

As it was mentioned in the previous post, free train at your disposal in such cases. But there is much more in stock. In addition to free trains, free bus routes will be organized in the host cities. The free routes will connect airports, railway stations, stadiums and fan zones. Moreover, all public transport in host cities will be free of charge during the days when there are matches. To do this, you should have tickets for a match and the above-mentioned documents.

All these measures were proposed and has been introduced so that all the guests of the country would experience the unique Russian hospitality, would feel as at home and would enjoy this unforgettable football festival.

Top Leaders of Portugal are coming to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Top Leaders of Portugal are coming to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

Top Leaders of Portugal are Coming to Russia This Summer


The President, the Prime Minister and the Speaker of the Portuguese Parliament are planning to come to Russia in June to attend the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia matches with the participation of their team. This was announced by Portuguese Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva.

‘I believe that thousands of Portuguese fans will come to the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia. But I am sure about the three I know personally, because the first match is to be attended by the Chairman of the Parliament, the prime minister will fly to Russia for the second one, and the President of the Portuguese Republic will come to the third match,’ the head of the Portuguese Foreign Ministry said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Silva added that in the event that Portugal and Russia will reach the final, he will certainly meet on the podium with his colleague, Sergey Lavrov.

‘And this is going to be our fourth meeting for the last two years,’ the Portuguese Foreign Minister said.

The first world championship in Russia will be held from June 14 to July 15 in 11 cities.