Russia 2018 Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin



What do you know about Russia? Big country in Eurasia? Geniuses of the Universe such as Pushkin, Mendeleev and Chaikovsky? USSR and Cold War? The largest lake in the world? There may be lots of answers.

This is a unique country. It has nothing to do with European West, nor has something in common with its neighbouring Eastern cultures. The way Russians look at live is different, completely different from all the approaches you’ve heard of. But once you’ve got a clue, you enjoy it a lot. Sometimes it can be considerably hard to understand Russian mentality, but the deeper you dive into such a comprehending, more excited you become.

Millions from all over the world come here to get an unforgettable experience of the Russian cuisine, Russian dances, Russian music and, what is most sensible and tangible, Russian hospitality.

Explore this extraordinary country!